In modern life, innovation and manifestation of any positive changes need expertise and speciality.

 These two factors besides developed technology and optimized consumption of the resources are elements of modern industries.
 EadeNegar was founded in 1994, since its creation until now we took as the primary objectives:

1.Best quality
2.Customer’s satisfaction
3.Will to replace good solutions by better ones.

  Now EadeNegar is an innovation development partner and recognized system supplier for car and engine manufacturing industries. EadeNegar manufactures engine covers, modern air cleaners, air intake hoses and filtration systems.

 About two decades experience, educated personal with deep rooted dedication to their job, updated standards, code sand softwares and best quality control system guarantee conformity and quality of our products.

 The different departments of the company are as follows:Design, Planning and scheduling, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Service and Maintenance, Product Engineering, Sell and Purchase.


 Main Office:

No. 14, 11th St., Sararfraz St., Beheshti St., Tehran, Iran
+98(21)88505106, +98(21)88505107
postal code:



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